Grow your Instagram

So, if you are reading this than you are probably looking to grow your Instagram and your blog. I’m going to be honest with you, it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I had my following up to 18,000 before I accidentally deleted my whole account. Yup, I’m an idiot. But, after a lot of thought, I started over. This is what I’m doing to grow my account again! Check out my new IG page here—–>@ThreelittleloveBlogs

1.) Create amazing content! This is very obvious but very important. People want to see pictures that are beautiful to the eye. Having a theme on your page is really popular now and when people go to look at your page it’s really visually appealing. This is something I am currently working on. Playing around with themes and figuring out the direction I want to go with my new account.

2.)Engagement! From everything I have read about the 2018 Instagram algorithm, you need to be engaging with others and having them engage back, specifically in the first hour after you post your picture. The more engagement the better your picture will rank and more likely that Instagram will allow the other 90% of your followers to see your picture and also possibly putting you on the explorer page. Which is exactly where you need to be.

In 2018 a comment with more than four words is worth more than likes so get out there and mingle with people in your niche. Go into each hashtag you attached to your picture and comment and like other people. And most importantly, if someone is kind enough to write a comment on your post, reply back to them as soon as you can. The longer you wait the less likely Instagram will boost your picture. Create and build relationships with people within your niche.

3.) Which leads me into my next tip, Join an engagement pod! These are super helpful when you are starting to get your page and blog started. Find a pod within your niche and engage with others. These can be a lot of work and time consuming but very rewarding at the same time. There is so much community within these pods and everyone has similar goals as you do. You engage with others on their posts and then in return they engage with you on your posts.

4.) Do a giveaway! There are so many giveaways going around. Just find one within your niche so you can target an audience that will like and engage with your content. Brands will often do giveaways with you too once your following has grown.

5.) Join hashtags like #followfriday or #momcrushmonday! This is when you showcase another person within your niche that you enjoy and think your audience would enjoy.  A lot of the time others will do this for you and it’s a great way to cross promote each other and share followers. You probably notice bigger accounts doing this. They generally promote others in their niche that have around the same amount of followers as they do.

6.) Create a promotion for yourself or an advertisement. Now, if you have the business profile in Instagram, than you are able to pay Instagram to promote your picture. Depending on how much you want to pay them is the amount of people they will let other accounts see you or reach you. I tried this a few times and I have to say, it was a waste of money. I didn’t see any results from this. So save your money. What you need to do is make an ad, and you have probably seen the larger accounts do this through the facebook promotions, but you make a slide of a couple of your best pictures or one picture that would showcase your page. You would pay an account with at least 100k followers to promote you. Now, you will want to fine someone in your niche and a lot of these accounts will not do this for you because of their own brand integrity but this is a BUSINESS and their will be one or two accounts who will work with you.

You get what you put into it. If you go into this with the mind set that you are just going to be laid back and the followers will just come to you… are mistaken. It doesn’t really work like that. Even though, if you ask people with a large following how they grew their accounts, that’s what they would tell you. That’s pretty much what they have told me. But here’s the thing, these larger accounts have the “secret” to success.  Yes they have amazing pictures and probably have an amazing marketing team but there is one thing that sets them apart from all of us smaller accounts. I’m on a mission to figure this out and when I do, you’ll be the first to know!  If you want this to be a business for yourself than you need to treat this like a business.

Something I did last time that I won’t be doing this time is join in on follow loops. You follow someone to have them follow you back. I joined and participated in all of the mom follow loops. I did meet some really amazing moms with amazing accounts BUT I had a lot of people following me just to follow me and NOT because they liked my content. So, it’s like dead weight. All these followers that won’t like and comment on your pictures. Choose quality over quantity as hard as that seems. It’s a quick and free way to grow your account with similar people in your niche but I won’t be doing that this time around because I am focusing my time in other areas.

Something that I would suggest that you don’t do is buy followers. That’s a sure way to get your page flagged and disabled. And like I said before, you don’t want dead weight, you want engaged followers. Another thing that I would not suggest is the follow/unfollow. I know a lot of people do this because they do it to me ALL THE TIME. It’s quite rude if you ask me and it happens to me from really really large accounts. I guess it was really popular in 2017 but now Instagram is cracking down on that. Which is good because now a days everyone has an app that shows who unfollows them.  Plus who has time to follow 100’s of people a day to just unfollow them. I hate to say this but if a person does that more than once to me I just block them.  I mean, bye Felicia!  Ok, but seriously don’t waste your time.

Let me know what’s working for you and your account! Thanks for stopping by!

With Love,

Katie from @ThreeLittleLoveBlogs

Hair Care Routine

So, I have had a love hate relationship with my hair for a long time now. I am 13 months post having my third daughter and my hair just finally stopped falling out. And by falling out I mean, huge globs of hair when I washed my hair and when I brushed it.

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Needless to say I do still have hair left and I have a lot of new baby hairs coming in all the time. I also want to preface this blog with I was having a reaction to most of the products I was previously using after having the baby. All the products that I was using all of sudden started giving me small bumps around my hairline. So this is my hair care routine that I have been doing the past year.

For my shampoo and conditioner I use Pantene products. I love the smell and I love how it leaves my hair soft and feeling light. You know what I mean, we have all tried shampoo that completely weighed your hair done and made it look dirty. I’ve been using and loving the beautiful lengths by Pantene. Portions of the proceeds go to help women that have lost their hair due to cancer. It’s a great way to give back and couldn’t be any easier. I also enjoy using the Clean version.

Image result for pantene beautiful lengths

After I towel dry my hair I use the brand Surface, hair oil. It’s light weight and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all.  I use about a quarter size amount and start at my ends and work my way up. This way I am only using a very small amount of oil around the crown of my head where I am naturally more oily. Plus my ends are always the most dry. The oil is weightless compared to other hair oils I have tried. I bought a large bottle in this and it has lasted almost 2 years. Such a great value!

I let my hair dry naturally, if I can. Once it’s completely dry I either straighten it in sections or curl it with a 1 1/2 inch barrel or a 2 inch barrel depending if I want a tight curl or more beachy waves. The tighter curls last longer and usually look the best the next day after I sleep on them.

The next day after I washed my hair I use a dry shampoo. I have tried a lot of different brands but Battiste is my all time favorite. It smells the best too. I spray that to the roots and then massage it in. I do a quick brush through and then spray my hair with a medium to firm hold hairspray. My favorite is the Pantene brand. I like it better than most higher end sprays.

That’s pretty much all I do with my hair. I keep things super simple and I stick to things that work. I occasionally branch out with my shampoo and condition and buy the brand Biolage which I have really enjoyed for years but for the most part I stick with my drugstore products.

Let me know what you are loving lately as I am always looking for better products!

Thanks for stopping by!

With love,


*This is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Day in the life of a mom of 3

Happy Sunday! I am so glad that you stopped over to see what my typical day with three little girls looks like. Let me start off by saying that I am a stay at home mom as of a year ago. I worked full time up until I had my third daughter.

Our one year old Olivia wakes up around 6:00 to 6:30 every morning. I bring her downstairs, change her diaper and give her a bottle before I start making myself my lifeline, I mean coffee.  We then play for a little bit until she gets fussy. This is usually around the time my other two girls are waking up which is between 7:00-7:30. So I put Olivia down for her first nap of the day. She sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hours, which is sometimes cut short if we have to leave for preschool.

So, now Brielle my 4 year old and Ava my 3 year old are up. They come down and have their morning drink and breakfast. They watch cartoons while they are waiting for me to make them breakfast. After they eat breakfast, we go upstairs and I throw myself together. I give myself about 5-10 minutes to put my makeup on. I usually just brush my hair or put it up in a pony tail. I save a lot of time in the morning by showering the night before. I then get the girls dressed, brush their teeth and do their hair for the day. By that time Olivia is waking up so I change her and get her ready for the day.

We go back downstairs where I get Brielle’s backpack ready for school. Then we head out the door. At this point in my morning I am borderline in a sweat from running around. It’s also the point in the morning where I remember that I haven’t had breakfast yet and that I’m starving. So I throw a banana in my purse and off we go.

I drop Brielle off at preschool and then I run errands like grocery shop or go to Target. I usually have time to throw in a load of laundry and take the girls for a walk outside before I pick up Brielle from preschool at 11:30.

We head back home and I make the girls lunch which they give me the HARDEST time about. So after they finally eat something I let them play together for a little bit while I clean up from lunch. This is also the time that I take 10 minutes to make our beds and clean the bathrooms. My two oldest girls help out by making their beds and picking up their books off the floor. If I’m feeling really energetic I put away a load of clothes too.

Next, I get Ava and Olivia ready for nap. We read books and I give Olivia a bottle. They both sleep between 2-3 hours every day. Which is really nice because it gives me special time with Brielle.  Her and I do crafts, play dough and watch movies too! She loves watching cooking shows with me, which I think is super cute! This is also the time that I prep for dinner, do more laundry and clean up from the morning. This is usually the time I’m making myself more coffee.

After the girls wake up from their nap I take them outside for a nature walk (if it’s nice out). Our nature walk consists of walking the half mile loop around our neighborhood. We have a cute little pond that we go and visit the ducks which the girls love. We usually see other kids out and they all play together.

We then head back inside where the girls sit and color and make art projects for Daddy while I make dinner.  We eat around 4:30 everyday, which is pretty early. I’m slowing pushing that back to be around 5:30 now that the weather is nicer so we can play outside before dinner longer. That’s around the time my husband gets home from work so we all eat dinner together every night.

We then go outside and play and go for another walk together or play inside. The girls have power wheels that they love to race around the neighborhood in. If you watch my stories on Instagram then you will know what I’m talking about. If it’s raining out then this is usually the time the girls dance around to music while I clean up after dinner and run the dishwasher.

After we get all the post dinner energy out it’s bath time. We usually start this around 6:00 or 6:30 pm (later in the summer months and when Brielle is out of school). The girls love bath time and they bring their favorite LOL doll in and play pretend. My husband plays music for the girls and we laugh when he plays the knock knock jokes on his phone. So we then get the girls out, into pjs, dry their hair and brush their teeth. We do books and then I take Olivia into her room and give her a bottle before she goes to sleep. Then I read books to Brielle and Ava. I always ask the girls what their favorite part of the day was and I always love hearing what they say. They look forward to me asking them every night. So First I put Ava to sleep and then I go into Brielle’s room where we read 3 more books together that are more her age and beginning reader books.  After that she heads to sleep too.

After that I work on my blog and Instagram and watch tv with my husband. We are on such a routine in our house that pretty much every day looks like this. Today is slightly different because we are going to my mom’s camp on the lake after nap time which the girls love. So we will have dinner there and play outside before heading home to take a quick bath before bed.

Hope you enjoyed coming through my day with me!

Lots of Love,



The Best Version of You

I’m writing this blog because I lost myself along the way of having three little girls in 3 years. I’m not sure the exact time it happened but the old Katie is gone. Sometimes I think about it and I miss how fun and carefree I was. But with that being said, everything I go through as a mother is amazing and very necessary. Everything happens for a reason and you just have to trust your journey.

So I wouldn’t say that I struggled with depression or anything like that but I did have a period of time that I didn’t like myself that much. I was so wrapped up with being a mom that I sort of put myself on the back burner. I think most moms can relate to that. But over time it slowly eats away at you and then one day you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re like, what are you WEARING?! The old Katie would never wear that. I was in a complete mom fog, just coming up for air after having my three little loves.

In my case, I didn’t realize how bad I was until I was out of the situation. Looking back now I laugh to myself about how extreme I was in certain situations. For example, I remember feeling such extreme guilt every time I left the girls, even if it was only for an hour. I was so scared that the girls would cry and be sad that I just couldn’t handle it. In hindsight, they would have been TOTALLY fine. I was literally crazy.

What inspired me to write this blog was a discussion I was having with my girlfriend. She was feeling the same way I was. So, I thought about everything I was going through and how I am now heading in the right direction and thought I would share my story in hopes that I might inspire another mama!

So the first and most important question you need to ask yourself is, what did you use to love doing? What did you do with your free time before you had kids? For me, I always enjoyed trying out new beauty products, getting my nails done and dressing cute. I also enjoyed going for walks and spending time with my girlfriends. Just doing things you love will make you feel happy and refreshed whether they are big or small.

Second, you need to cut yourself some slack. This is the hardest thing for me. I am so hard on myself, literally about everything. I just want everything to be perfect, especially for my kids. But here is the thing, kids don’t need every single small thing to be perfect. They need a mom who is living in the moment and not completely stressed and miserable.

Which leads me into the old saying; you shouldn’t burn from both ends of the candle. Or, you can’t pour from an empty glass. Both are the same concept. How are you going to be the best version of you if your cup is empty? Girl, fill that cup up and you will see all the wonderful things that will start happening for you. I know that when I feel good about myself, that good things around me start happening. I notice that my kids are happier as well as my husband.

Last, take time for yourself. Take an hour for yourself to go get your nails done or grab coffee or lunch with one of your girlfriends or go one step further and take an uninterrupted shower.  OK but seriously I love all my moments with my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to not have little baby eyes watching you shower while your three year old yells for you to open her fruit snacks.  But you get the point, get out of the house more often if you can!

Thank you for spending time with me and reading my blog! Write a comment below and tell me small things that you do that have helped you come out of the mom fog.

With Love,


IncrediBundles Review


If you are looking for a great gift idea for an expecting mama then look no father! The IncrediBundles has the cutest gift bundles!

Incredibundles has a huge selection of different baskets from books to diapers, they have you covered! We chose the Peter the Rabbit bundle and it’s seriously impressive. The packaging was a beautiful playful box, that could be used again for storage. Bonus!

Inside the box, the bundle was perfectly wrapped and had a beautiful little note inside. This bundle came with stacking blocks, the Peter Rabbit book and the matching Peter Rabbit stuffed animal. My daughters all LOVE it!


They have bundles that are themed like the one above. There’s something for everyone!


This cute bath bundle is a must have! I know as a mom, I would be so excited to get a gift like this. It’s unique and fun!


They also have book bundles that are PERFECT for first time moms. Help them start a little book collection for their little one. This is also a wonderful gift for young kids who have a lot of toys already and you just aren’t sure what to get them.

Go check out their site and keep them in mind for all your future baby gifting needs! They also offer a one year subscription for diapers. Now, that’s an amazing gift!!!

Please leave me a comment below on some of your favorite items you received as a gift for you baby!


With Love,


Affordable Spring Looks 2018

I have to say that Spring and Summer looks are my absolute favorite! I love the colors and the cute clothes and of course I love the swimsuits! Now that I am not nursing around the clock I can actually wear something I like rather than a nursing necessity. Woo Hoo!

The color for Spring 2018 is lavender and I have to say that lavender looks amazing on every skin color. It’s such a fun color!

This spring look book will be all AFFORDABLE looks because us mom’s are on a budget and let’s be honest, we would rather spend our money on our kids. But, we do need to go out into public, like Target, and we need to look and feel cute! That being said, I’m going to start with my Target favorites!


This cute dress is $20.00 and comes in these two adorable colors! I bought this dress in each color and I really loved the fit of it. I love wearing dresses because it looks like you took a long time to get ready but it’s just so easy to slip on a dress and look nice for a night out to dinner.


These next two are so adorable and I am loving all rompers!  You can keep them casual with a pair of flats or dress them up with a low heel. Perfect for a night out with your girlfriends! The romper on the left is under $60.00 which is a total steal because I have seen other ones like this for double the price. The romper on the right is under $45 and is so fun and flirty!


This swimsuit might be my most favorite one-piece swimsuit I have ever worn. I love really love the fun ruffles but what I love most about this is the fit. I wore this when I was on vacation and I never had to pull this up. It fit really comfortably and I could move around freely with my girls and not have to worry about giving everyone at the pool a peep show. haha!


This adorable dress is on sale right now for only $31! What a steal!  I wore this dress to dinner and it was so comfy! I really love the sleeve on this dress too! Poppy & Dot has some really cute clothes that are affordable!


This top is my everyday type of shirt. I wear similar clothing all the time, and LOVE IT! I love that it’s simple, clean and classic. I also love that with this top you don’t need a necklace. Just pair it with some cute earrings and you are out the door!

Lastly, one of my favorite places to shop, Express! They always have great sales going on. Currently they have 40%-60% all clothing!  The dress on the left is perfect for day or night. Add some cute sneakers to make it a day time look or add a cute jacket and heels and this would be perfect for a date night! The shirt in the middle is GORGEOUS! This would be so cute for work! The last look, on the right, I wore on vacation to Florida. These scalloped shorts are stretchy but fitted nicely. They look and feel great! The top is a fun print and pairs well with a solid bottom!


I hope you enjoyed my first Affordable Spring Look Book! Please let me know what else you would like me to write about!


Love you all and thank you for your support!



DockATot Grand Review

There is a lot of hype around the DockATot brand and today I’m giving my full review on the Dockatot Grand!


So, I’m going to get right into it and just say that the Grand is AMAZING! The Grand is for ages 9 months to 36 months. It is amazing quality and has the cutest patterns to choose from.  The two patterns that I chose are the La Vie en Rose and the Bananas for You!


The La Vie en Rose is so pretty and gives me all the spring vibes while the Bananas for You has me ready for summer! They also have several other patterns and covers. Click here to see the covers!

When I received my Dockatot’s in the mail I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they shipped to my house. Upon opening them, they were neatly packed and came with a dust cover which is awesome for storage.

All three of my girls (ages 4, 2 and 11 months) immediately jumped in them and started laying down and playing. Now they are a staple in our living room. They are always in them relaxing with a book or watching one of their favorite movies. My 11 month old daughter who refuses to lay in anything other than her crib loves the Dockatot Grand! She will lay in it and play with her little toys. She’s very content and comfortable.  My middle daughter who is 2 loves it too! I even caught her napping in it the other day!


Needless to say, these are incredible and worth every penny! Check them out here!

Gathre Playmats

I just received my Gathre Playmat in the mail today and I have to admit, the packaging is awesome! Before you even open the box you feel like whatever is inside is high quality and luxurious!

I chose the Maxi Square Mat because I wanted something big enough to fit my family of five without any issues. This mat is so big that I could fit two families of five on there!


These mats are amazing to bring to the beach. They fold up nicely and are a great space for anyone to sit and stay away from the sand. This is really great if you have a young child who LOVES to look at that sand but can’t be bothered to touch it. They are also great for picnics and fun adventures outside because of their unique bonded leather technology. They are light to carry but extremly durable!


They are also great to put under a high chair where a lot or MOST of your baby’s food ends up. Luckily for me, my two little pups catch most of it before it even lands on the ground. But these mats are great for clean up. You just wipe it right up with no issues!

On the website,, you can find all the information for the care of your mat, along with several different style and colors to choose from.

They also have a ton of other products to choose from. There are yoga mats, baby changers and even bibs! They are high quality and durable. You definitely need to go check them out!



Saraghae Skin Care Review

Welcome back! Today I will be reviewing the Saraghea Skin Care System. I have been using this product for the last month and I’m ready to give my honest review.

The Saraghae award winning 5 step anti aging skin care routine (that’s a mouthful) was launched over 2 years ago and has increasingly become popular in the United States.  The site states that the products will not only make your skin look younger but it will improve the overall health of your skin. CHECK THEM OUT


After using these products for the last few weeks I have grown to LOVE most of them. The eye cream is so hydrating and perfect for diminishing the small lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I would say that I saw a 20% reduction in the lines around my eyes.  fullsizeoutput_30e2

The deep radiance serum was one of my top products of this review. After I washed my face at night I would put this serum on before I put the cream on and it would soak right into my skin and gave this really beautiful glow. I would not suggest wearing it under makeup. I tried a couple of different times and it just didn’t work out for me. But, if I put it on in the morning and didn’t wear makeup it gave me a really healthy looking glow without looking greasy.


The Oil and Foam cleanser was my least favorite product. It didn’t work well with my skin. I should mention that I have very sensitive skin after having my last daughter Olivia, 11 months ago. So this review of the product could be because of my hormones not working with the ingredients in this cleanser. But, when I used this cleanser it did remove all of my makeup from my face and made my skin feel so smooth and healthy.  The only reason I didn’t enjoy this specific product is because it gave me small bumps near my forehead.


The Firm and Lift cream is AMAZING! It’s so thick but absorbent. I wear it under my makeup and before bed and have not had any issues with it at all. My skin is much smoother and healthier looking since using this product. I would purchase this myself.fullsizeoutput_30e1

Lastly, in this 5 Step anti aging care routine is the face masks. I really enjoyed the masks. They left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I liked that it was a sheet mask and not a clay mask that you have to rinse off of your face.

All in all I’m really impressed. Check out their site with pricing and ingredients at Saranghae! Let me know if you tried it and if you liked it or not!

NUBY Review: Feeding Fork and Spoon and Oral Care Set

Welcome back! Today I will be sharing a review on some of my favorite NUBY products. 



The Nuby Fun Feeding Spoon & Fork set is adorable and functional. It’s meant to make meal time easier and more fun! All three of my girls love using the fun spoons for their morning cereal and the forks for those yummy veggies. 


They are also made for an easy grip to help make learning how to use a spoon and fork by a new baby that much easier! They are also BPA free and safe to use in the dishwasher! This is an absolute must in my house!

The next product that we have been loving in our house is the Oral Care Set 4 Stage System. It comes with three brushes and one massager. My youngest daughter Olivia has been loving the massager as she is teething a lot right now. My two year old daughter is loving the third brush because it’s fun to use with it’s bright colors but also the perfect size for her little mouth. 



We have been using NUBY products in our house for years. Not only are they great prices but they are high quality. My girls love the fun colors and I love how safe they are with NO BPA.  Make sure you check out their products at NUBY!